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First step to setting up your eVetSites email address with Yahoo! Mail is to log into your personal or work email account you already have with Yahoo! Mail.

 After logging in, find the gear    in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click on it and go to "Settings"

Now find "Accounts". Click on it.

Next, click on "Create an extra email address".



Type in the name and the email address you will set up. For example, we used "eVetSites Support" here for the description field and "itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net" for our email address to the web site where our company is located. Hit "Save". (Don't click on the box that says "Set up to Receive emails" and don't worry about the SSL information either.)




Click "Ok"


Next you will get a verification email. Click on the link in bold asking you to "Verify" your email address you just set up.



Now after you click on the on the link, you will get a confirmation page that will pop up like this:



Now compose a test email to your own email address (example: itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net)

From the same email address (example: itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net)

Put "Test" in the subject and the content fields and send it out.



Now you should get your test back right away in all locations that your eVetSites email address is set up!! Congrats!!


If you have any questions or need more help with setting up your eVetSites with your Gmail account, please call us at 1-888-332-5316 ext 2. Our pleasure is helping you make the most of your email and web sites.