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Windows Live eMail Start Page

Setting up a Windows Live email account is actually fairly simple. First you want to go to here. At the bottom of the page (in the picture above), click on the "Sign up now" link and it will take you to the next step below!

On the page above, fill out all your personal information it asks for. Uncheck the box at the end before clicking "I accept" so you don't get a bunch of offers from Microsoft. If you have any question, please feel free to ask any of our eVetSites staff. We would be happy to assist in any way we can.


Congrats!! You set up your Windows Live Essentials eMail account! You can either go through the video or just continue to your inbox to start using your account. Next will be a few more screen shots of where you can find "options".


Now you might want to start customizing your new email account or you might just want to leave it be for the day can even small tasks can be daunting!! But if you decide to keep moving forward, above is the image for where you can find "options". Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen between the square sideways smile face and the name of your account. Now go to "More mail settings".

Above are all the options you could need to make this email account customized for yourself and for your work environment. Some of the features most often questioned are: "How do I change my password?" This can be accessed via the Managing your account > Account details (password, addresses, time zones). Some of the other important features would be how to add your email to your phone and what those settings are, creating an alias or a signature, adding attachments, filters, and privacy settings. All these features are on this page here.