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Online Website Graders:
There are a number of new "website grader" tools on the internet these days that purport to grade" your website on a 100 point scale based on a "proprietary blend" of different variables.   The fine print on these marketing web sites usually indicates an agenda that involves getting your email address so they can make a marketing pitch for one service or another so we recommend you keep your credit cards in your pockets of course.

However, some on the results they report are worth noting which we have always explained in more detail on this  website.

Please note that each eVetsite III has a built in website analysis tool which performs many of the same functions.

You can read more at this link:

META Description:
The META description analysis is worth a review as all search engines have gone away from META Tags and now use only META description to coordinate your web page content with common search terms the public will use to try and locate your website. You can read more at this link on our website:
Website Title: 
We believe everyone should review their web site title and make necessary changes and or additions from your initial sign up title. You can read more at this link:
Links back to your site, more commonly referred to as Link Popularity': 
This is the single most important variable for Google in determining your page rank on the results of a Google search. Link popularity refers to the number of other SIMILAR web sites that have your URL (www.mypractice.com) listed on their site. The folks at Google and other search engines think this is a good indication that you're somebody important and have a very desirable web site that should be given list priority.
Please read more at this link:
Page Titles: 
This is another opportunity to make your practice name and business information available to the search engines. Each practice should try and set more detail on the page titles. Read more at this link:
Image Titles (also known at Alt Tags):
All you images should have titles or alt tags' associated with them. This is yet another opportunity to get more details about your site associated with your practice name. Read more at this link:
Web Site Search Ranking:
Here at eVetsite Tech support we test these Grader sites by submitting the URL www.google.com. If one sees that Google is not ranked #1 by Google, one tends to wonder about the validity of these tools and who might be ranked above of Google by Google. Keep in mind search rankings change daily for many reasons beyond your (our) control as owners of the websites.
If you have any other questions about your web site "score" as reported to you by a website "grader" please contact us at support@evetsites.com or call us at 888-332-5316 for a more in depth and impartial analysis.