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Our privacy policy is very simple:

eVetsite Systems is a VIN business partner.  Be assured you will continue to experience the stability, reliability, and trust you've come to expect from VIN.  You have our commitment that eVetSite Systems will always strive to meet your needs while providing the highest level of service and privacy possible.

We guarantee the privacy of you, your clients and all visitors to your web site.  Your personal information, medical data and usage patterns by you your clients and visitors to your web site will always remain private and secure. No information will ever be disclosed to outside parties by eVetsite Systems.  We do not give out your telephone number, credit card information, or any other personal data about you or your clients.

This is our Secure and Private Web Site Guarntee!
If and when your clients ask (and they will, sooner or later) you can asure them that your eVetsite web site DOES NOT disclose any information to third parties about their identity their pet medical health record information or their web site usage patterns

Anything short of this privacy guarantee may be a violation of your medical eithics and is most certainly a breach of trust between you and your clients. 

Your clients naturally believe you are keeping their identity and pet medical health record information and web site usage patterns within your full control and best efforts of privacy within your practice and are NOT sharing this information with ANY third parties for any reason.  

We will never advertise, nor permit anyone, but you, to do so on your web site, without your expressed permission.  As has been the case with VIN,  since 1991, eVetsite Systems can only succeed within an environment of collaboration, trust and total confidentiality. Online Enrollment

Your online enrollment form will require numerous personal disclosures. We protect your information using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). As you enter personal information (such as your address, credit card number, and phone number), SSL encodes it so that it is available only to you and the eVetsite Systems computer that receives your completed enrollment. This encryption makes doing business over the Internet as secure as making a purchase by telephone.