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Adding VINtegrated Content to your eVetSite

Plug VIN Content Into Your Website

Trusted information from VIN, VINtegrated for your eVetSite website




Overview of VINtegrated Content:

  • Automatically pull content from trusted Veterinary Information Network sources
    • Veterinary Partner, VETzInsight, and the VIN News Service
    • Add your own custom content to the rotation
  • Make your veterinary website an authoritative source for animal health information!
    • Each time visitors view your website, they see new animal health information
    • You choose the content that matches your clients' needs

Step-by-step instructions for activating your VINtegrated Content:

  1. First you need to decide where to put your VINtegrated Content.  You can create a new page or convert an existing page to display your rotating content
  2. Log into your eVetSite, click on "Edit Menu" and select or change your page type to either "VINtegrated Content Home" or "VINtegrated Content View"
    1. "VINtegrated Content Home" page type will set your VINtegrated Content and additional page content (text and images) above it at 100% the width of the web page, meaning that any side navigation or comment content areas will not be concurrently displayed.  The Home page type is also used a site's landing page so that the entire page width is usable for content This might be useful if you wanted to create different pages that displayed unique VINtegrated Content topics on each page.
    2. "VINtegrated Content View" page type will display your VINtegrated Content  along with any side navigation or comment content areas you might have (depending on your current template).  This might be useful if you wanted to display VINtegrated Content on your current Home Page.

  3. Save your menu information and close the Edit Menu window.
  4. Select "Admin Home" from within your website builder menu (top right of the screen).  The Administration Tasks window should appear:

  1. View and Customize your VINtegrated Content list by clicking the VINtegrated Content icon or accessing the VINtegrated Content via the "Components" tab in the navigation menu:

    • Select all articles or customize the list to display the content of your liking
    • View articles by clicking the title
  1. Add, edit, remove your own article content to the rotating VINtegrated Content from the "Components" tab of the navigation bar or by clicking the My Content icon. Topics that are created here are automatically included on pages where you have chosen to show all topics; however they will NOT show on pages where specific topic(s) have been chosen.

  • Topic: This allows you to categorize your article content.  This may be useful if you have multiple content authors and you want to select which content to display by author.
  • Title: This is the title of your content and will be displayed in bold, large font within the rotating content section.  It is also the link to your full article content
  • Synopsis: This is the short blurb below the title that entices your reader to view the entire article.  It can be an article summary of the first few lines of your article.
  • Text: This is the full text of the article and will be displayed when a reader clicks the title or the read more link.
  1. Remember to save your custom article content!
  2. You can further customize your VINtegrated Content display via the "Edit Special" menu
    • Select 2, 4, or 6 articles to display
    • Select the specific topics you want to display*

*Please Note: Selected topics chosen here will only display the individual articles selected within the VINtegrated Content selection area (See Step 5).

You're all set to go! Your site will now display fresh content every time someone loads the page and offers you another way of sharing information with your clients. As always, if you've any questions, comments or feedback  let us know as we are here to help!