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URL Slugs and SEO


We are pleased to announce a new feature available to ALL evetsites users: Customizable URL slugs!

A URL slug is a friendly name for the address that we have just rolled out for evetsites users. Previously, URLs appeared like this:


NOW they will appear shorter, cleaner like this:


Not only do they look shorter and cleaner, slugging also helps Google and the other search engines find your pages easier which helps you to rank better on search engine results pages. 

To access and edit your page slug information, login to your eVetSite website builder and click the "edit menu" toolbar button.


By default, each slug will initially be created from your "Menu Display" information

Descriptions with more than one word will create slugs with hyphen between each word.

Each page will be required to have a unique slug name.  When/If you create a page with an existing slug name, you will notified in the slug are with a red X:


Why would I want a slug name that is different from my Menu name?

  1. Keeping menu names short is helpful in for navigation and a cleaner site appearance
  2. Descriptive slug names can benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) especially when they are relevant to your page content:

If you would like a complimentary SEO consultation, please complete the SEO appointment form

In the meantime, view the eVetSites SEO "to-do" list and as always, please feel free to call (888-332-5316 ext 2) or email (support@evetsites.com) for assistance -- we're here to help!