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Uploading and Inserting Images on your website

Showing images of your practice and staff are important to help your clients feel the personal side of your business.  We will show you how to include those images on your website.


Go to the page that you would like to insert the image.


Click on Edit Content


Place your cursor where you would like your image and click on insert image tool


You will get a popup box like this.


Click on the folder icon to the right of source



You will see a list of all the images you have uploaded to your image storage area.  There are two ways this may show.

List Style:


Block Style:


You can use the Display Option Tool to change to the preferred version.

You can browse the folders for the image you would like to use and select it (skip to selecting image), or you can continue to upload a new image.

Note: Only upload images that you own or have the license to use.  Click here to learn more.


You will get a new popup window where you can select the images you would like to upload.


You will click on Add Files


Next you will select the images you want uploaded from your computer.


Click on Open once you have your file(s) selected.



They will show in your box ready for upload


Click on Upload once you have all of your images selected


The images will show 100% when they are done uploading


You can click Close once all the images show 100%



Your images will now be in your image area


Make sure the image you want to use is selected.


Click on Insert to add the picture to your page


This will send you back to the image insert screen with the source of the image.


Give your image a Description.


Click on ok to insert your image.


This will insert your image at the full uploaded size.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help!