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File upload specifications using the new eVetSites TinyMCE content editor

For the geek in you that wants to know all about how file sizes and picture dimensions are handled in your eVetSites editor...

The maximum file size is 20MB, for all files, including images -- meaning your eVetSites editor will reject an attempt to upload an image or file that is greater than 20MB.

The maximum image size is 2MB and maximum image dimensions are 1500x1500 pixels:

  • If you select an image that is greater than 2MB and less than 20MB, or if either the width or height of the image is greater than 1500 pixels, your eVetSites upload tool will automatically scale the image down to something that is less than 2MB with a maximum width or height of 1500 pixels.

  • For members who want the best possible resolution for their images, you should upload images that are 1500x1500 pixels or less. This way the image won't lose detail if it has to be shrunk.