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Adding a Twitter feed to your eVetsite

What is Twitter and how can it help your eVetsite?
Twitter is a free social networking and blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates.
Some eVetsite users have already set up Twitter pages for themselves and use twitter to update their site with dynamic content. You can use your Twitter feed to let visitors know at a glance about specials, promotions, information about adoptions etc. 
To get started follow these instructions and you will be tweeting with the best of them!

First - log into the twitter page and register. https://twitter.com/signup.
The name and username can be your practice name or something as close to the practice name as possible.
Once you have signed up click on the apps link at the bottom of the page.

You have several choices in picking feeds, flash or html as well as interactive or display only.
Interactive means that in addition to your updates, other twitter users can leave their feedback.
This can be problematic if you aren't monitoring it as non-flattering, unprofessional commentary can be left on your page.
On the other hand, it's nice to be able to hear from clients so this is a decision you'll have to weigh to decide what is best for your practice.
A side note: if you haven't posted any twitter updates, you will see a black screen. This is normal!
Your feed will look similar to the one posted below once you have updated your status.


The display only feed is simple way to update your readers and visitors of events, specials, promotions, etc.
There's no option for visitors to post their reactions or feedback to this feed.


Once you have determined which 'widget' you'd like to use click continue and copy the HTML.

Next, log into your eVetsite and click on edit content.
Click on source and then paste the code for the Twitter feed wherever it is that you want it.

You can always change the location later using edit content
Click save content and then view to review your work.

PLEASE NOTE: eVetsite Systems has no financial or other interests or relationship to this web site service; nor can we guarantee the accuracy of their results. Our only intent is to refer our users to various services on the internet for their individual use.
We  always look forward to your feedback.
If you are currently using Twitter, we'd also love to hear how you use your Twitter to better enhance your eVetsite page.