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Tips and Tricks for Building Your Web Site

Choose a Topic to get started:
Technical Support   Informational page on how to reach us for Technical Support.  
News Ticker / Survey Polls  Learn how to create News Tickers and Survey Polls on your website.  
Save Your Work - Don't Time Out  Shows you how to save your work before the system times out.
Activate Your Pet Library  Learn how to activate your Pet Library for your clients.
Page Headers and Footers 
Learn to use Headers, Footers, and Common Content areas of your website. 
Logos and Page Headers 
Learn how to put in your logo and header information. 
Images and Photos 
We show you how to place pictures on your site. 
Uploading and Resizing Images 
We show you how to upload your images and resize them to fit in your layouts. 
Image Descriptions 
Learn how to describe your images. 
Wrap Text Around Photo Images 
Learn how to make text flow around, beside, or next to your images. 
Paragraph Management 
Learn to use spacing and bulleted items to add appeal to your layout. 
Font Management 
Shows you how to change your text fonts and sizes. 
Linking External Sites 
Teaches how to create links to other websites. 
Membership Site Links 
Add links to outside websites to enhance your credibility.
Service Site Links 
Learn to create forwarding links to outside services. 
Linking to Any Pharmacy 
Teaches how to link to pharmacys.
Client Feedback Forms 
Learn how to create forms for your clients to use. 
Convert to PDF Format 
Learn to create PDF files of your forms so your clients can print them at home. 
Upload Forms and Files 
Learn how to upload forms or other files for your clients. 
Embed PDF Documents 
Learn to upload your PDF forms and documents so your clients can use them. 
Calendar of Events 
Learn to create a calendar so your clients know about special events or services. 
Copy (Duplicating) Pages 
Learn to use Copy (Duplicating) Pages for similar content to make designing easier. 
Tips on Marketing your Website. 
Website Name on Invoices 
Including your site address on your invoices. 
Link with Emergency Center 
Learn to link up with Emergency Centers in your area. 
Phone Message 
Tips on how to include your web address in your phone message. 
Link to Organizations 
Learn to link your site to other organizations. 
Display a Static Site 
Learn to display your website on a computer in your office without being on the internet.
Learn how to hide pages from your clients that you are working on. 
eMail Set Up 
Learn how to set up your eMail. 
eMail Spam  Counter Measures to Prevent & Limit Spam Email 
Full Mail Box Error Message 
Not getting Mail?  Check if you Mail Box is full. 
iPhone eMail Configuration 
Learn to set up your eMail account on your iPhone. 
eMail Reminders From Practice Software 
Learn to send out reminders to your clients about their pets. 
Holiday Website Message 
Learn how to put a holiday message on your site. 
Site Statistics 
Learn how to see how many people have seen your site or what they look at.
Common Questions Answered. 
PayPal Payment Service 
Learn to set up your site so that your clients can pay off balances online. 
Add your tweets to your website. 
Learn to add a Petfinder Scroller to your site to help find animals good homes. 
International Contact Us Page 
Adding Google Maps from around the globe. 
Learn how to include the AAHA Newsletter in your site.
Spread The Word Page 
Learn how to get your clients to Spread the Word about your clinic. 
Facebook Badge 
Learn to put your Facebook Badge on your site. 
Custom Websites 
Did you know we can do Custom Websites? 
Learn how to use Tables to help design your website. 
Learn how to insert media into your website.