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How do I get started learning how to make changes to my site?

Changes to the content of your site are performed primarily using the Control Panel shown below. 
This panel will be visible at the top of your page when you are logged into your site.


Fig. 1  - Control Panel

See the chart below for a quick reference to the Control Panel icons.

In View Mode, you will see your website just as site visitors will see it.  The only exception is that your visitors (or members who are logged in) will not see the Control Panel at the top of the screen.  This mode is used to give you a quick look at changes you have made without requiring you to log out and back into the website.     
The Edit Content Mode is where changes are made to the basic text and images that display in the content area of your site for most page types.
The Edit Special Content Mode is used to access and edit the special portions for certain page types including the Coupons, Files, and Forms pages.  Special Page Types will have both the Edit Content Mode and the Edit Special Content Mode enabled. Page Types without special content will just show a screen explaining that the Special Content  mode is not available for the particular page type (for example the Home Page, Basic Web Page and Contact Us Page do not have Special Content).
The Edit Menu Mode  is used for editing and moving existing menu items.  It is also used for creating new or deleting existing pages.  Edit Menus Mode is also where you set the Title, Menu Label, Description, Meta Keywords, Page Type and Security for a web page.
The Administration Section House Icon takes you to a special section of the site where additional control panels and edit screens are accessible.  The Admin section is only accessible by the Administrator User.  See below this chart for a quick reference to the Admin Control Panel.
Clicking the Help Icon will open the Help Site where you may access online tutorials, documentation, Frequently Asked Questions and tips for creating, editing, or marketing your website.  In fact when you clicked the link to visit this Getting Started page, you are viewing a page within the Help Site.
The Log Out Key Icon can be clicked to Log out of editing mode.  Clicking the key will return you to the home page of your website and the Control Panel will no longer be visible.