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Using Tables To Design Your Site

Tables are an important part of your website.  Learning to use them will greatly benefit the look of your site.

Click on "Edit Content"


Then you need to click on the "Table" Function, then "Insert Table".


Next you will get a pop up menu. There are 2 tabs at the top left.  Both tabs are shown below.  Here you will select how many rows, how many columns, borders and widths, colors, and other settings.



The example table below is 2 columns, 2 rows, with 1 pixel border.  You can click inside each box to enter text or pictures.  For this example we just typed box 1-4. 


If you would like to change any properties of the table, right click somewhere in the table. You can:

  • Insert rows and columns
  • Auto fit the tables (tables will shrink around content of largest cell)
  • Make all columns the same size
  • Delete columns, rows, tables
  • Merge cells
  • Hyperlink items (Link text or images to other web pages)


By using the right click as above, you can get to all of the options shown below when you click "Table Properties".












Below is an example with images and text with no border.  You can see how a table will help to keep your text and images looking nice and not all jumbled.



Another feature with the tables is the option to color the background of certain cells.  Start by right clicking in the table and choosing "Table Properties".  In the pop up menu, Click on "Cell Tab". Under the "Options Tab" you will see Background color.  Click the square to the right of the text area to open a color chooser box.



Here you can select from an array of colors.


If you click on "Previous Cell" or "Next Cell" you will see the cell behind the window highlight in blue so you know what cell you will be changing.


Here you can see what it looks like with a background color in a single cell.  You can do the same for rows or the entire table by choosing "Table Tab" or "Row Tab".


Be sure to save your work.

Feel free to play around with your tables and see what great designs you can come up with!