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Add a Table to your page

You may notice with the new responsive websites that things may not look the same on your mobile phone.  Tables will help alleviate the alignment issues you may see.

A table in your website will display each column of the table evenly across the page.  While this same table in mobile will take each cell left to right and display them vertically.

Computer will display:

Mobile will display:


To get started, log into your eVetSites website by clicking on the key in the lower left corner of your website.

Go to the page that you would like to insert your table in.

Once you are logged into your website, go to Edit Content


Place your cursor where you would like your table and click on Table.


Hover Insert Table and select how many rows and columns you would like by hovering the squares

Your table will start out small


You will right click inside the table and go to table properties.


Set your table width to 100%.  You MUST use percentages instead of fixed number widths in order to keep your site mobile responsive.


Click on OK.


Your table will now look similar to this.


If you would like, in table properties you can place some cell padding in to make it easier to click in the cells during editing.  This moves the content away from the cell walls.

Each Column will display evenly across the page on a mobile responsive theme. (ie: 2 columns will display 50%/50%, 4 columns will display 25%/25%/25%/25%)


You can now insert content into the table and save content.


Learn more about tables (coming soon):

  • Changing Column widths
  • Background Colors
  • Borders