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Spread The Word Page

Our newly enhanced "Spread the Word" web page is a great way to attract new clients to your practice.  Your best source of referrals may well be the present satisfied clients you now have!  This special feature page was designed to allow your present clients to refer their family and friends with just a few clicks to send out an email notice with a link to your eVetsite, directly from this web page.

This page was recently enhanced so that your practice will be notified (copied with email) when one of your clients has initiated a referring email to another individual.  With this feature, you can make a notation in your client's records to be sure and thank them.  You will also get a copy of the name and email address of the person referred, in order to follow up with an invitation to come visit your practice.  A great way to "Spread the Word" and build you practice!

To get started go to to add a new page (your eVetsite III contained this page on start up so it may be in your off line pages at this time).  Select "Spread the Word" for page type and click to add this page to your website:


Next, to go to the new page in your list and click on to add text above the email form to add more information about your individual referral program and how to use the form. You can now click on to make any changes to the default text that will be included in the email that will be sent out (your clients can always make personal changes to the email as well).

The page is now ready for use.  Be sure to inform your clients about your referral program and let them know you have a web page that is quick and easy to use at anytime!

Your clients can now fill in the form and send an email directly to their family and friends with a link back to your website.  The content of this form will also be sent to the contact email on your eVetsite account so you can tract your referral program.

Now your eVetsite is ready to help build up your practice with new referrals from your satisfied client base.  Be sure to tell your family and friends about this page as well.  As you know, referrals can come from anywhere; your "Spread the Word" page makes it easy and tracks the progress all at the same time.

Be sure to verify your practice (website) email address under the section of your website builder:

To change the practice contact email address, click on  and then click on the "account information" link  to update your email information.

For more assistance please email us at support@evetsites.com or call us at 888-332-5316