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Configuring eVetsite email in Outlook Express

If you are using our email service for your eVetsite, you can check your email online using https://checkmymail.net and you can also set it up using an email client like Outlook Express.
This tip will walk you through configuring your email program so you can send and receive emails!


Open your Outlook Express program, click on Tools and then Accounts


Then, click on Add and then Mail


Type in your name or your practice name. This is how your name will appear in the "From" field of your outgoing messages.

Type in your entire email address as shown above ie: example@yourdomain.com .


Type in checkmymail.net for the incoming mail server, and smtpout.evetsites.net for the outgoing server.


In the Account name field, type in your entire email address again and then in the Password field, type in your password.
You can put a check in the remember password field if you'd like it to remember it for you.
Do not put a check where it asks "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"


You'll see this congratulations screen pop up, click finish.



On this window, click the Servers tab.


On the servers tab, click the box next to "My server requires authentication"


Last step! In the outgoing mail field, the port will be set to 25, change it to 2525.
Click Apply and then OK and you are all done!
If you need further assistance, let us know, we are here to help!