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Server Upgrade Notice to Users Who Manage Their Own DNS (records).
(You must change your DNS settings at this time to save any changes to your eVetsite)

We have upgraded our website servers to boost the capacity and performance of the eVetsite websites.  The full details of the upgrade were sent by email Newsletter on Saturday, October 7, 2011. 

An email notice will be sent to those users who manage their own domain name server (DNS) records.  At this time you should log into you domain registrar's website (i.e. GoDaddy, Register.com, Enom.com, etc.), and adjust the DNS records that point to the eVetSites website servers. 

This new "A" record assignment must be made before any new changes to your eVetsite website will be saved.


The records to change currently have the IP address assigned.


In order to retain future changes to your eVetsite, replace every instance of the IP address '' with the IP address 


Your site should work immediately.  If there is any problem please call us at 888-332-5316, Ext. 2.


Here's an image of the GoDaddy interface for reference.Evetsites -Veterinary Websites


Here's an image from Network Solutions for reference, note that this shows the old IP.! 

evetsites.com - the world leader in veterinary websites


If you need help, please contact your registrar's technical support for assistance.!