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SEO - Content is King

This is part two of a series, for an SEO Overview and part 1 please click here.

The major search engines focus upon creating the best possible user experience by listing websites that offer relevant information higher in their search results.  If you want your eVetSite to rank higher in searches, the first step is to include relevant content on your pages.

What is Content?

Content can be anything from images to video files to the text on your eVetSites page. Some content areas you can easily update to improve your website's SEO are:

  • Text Content 
    • Geographic Locations
    • Veterinary Services
    • Community Involvement
  • Media Content
    • Images 
    • Video

Text Content - Geographic Locations

Your eVetSite comes pre-built with "general" veterinary text to get you started.   Replacing or editing this text with text that uniquely describes your practice is always best!

If you'd like your site to rank higher in search results, include the name of geographic areas your practice serves. You can do so by including geographic information on your home page, your Google "Contact Us" page and any pages dealing with locations.

Midtown Veterinary Hospital - Sacramento, CA - SEO

In this example a search for "midtown veterinarian sacramento" yields eVetsite users Dr. True at http://www.midtownanimalhospital.com as the top result.  Note that the terms midtown, veterinarian and Sacramento all make an appearance.  (VCA's higher listing is because they paid Google for the placement as an advertisement) 

Dr. True also mentions nearby communities to bolster her search success. Now instead of showing up for just "midtown veterinarian sacramento", she has a shot at "veterinarian Davis" and more! 

You can include names of towns, parishes, boroughs, neighborhoods, and even private gated communities on your site. You can also include nicknames for locations, as long as they are professional and not too off-color.

2. Text Content - Veterinary Services

If your practice offers a special service, let the world know! We've included a list of veterinary services on your eVetSite, but every practice is unique.   If you offer boarding services, consider including a photo of the facilities along with information about your boarding services.  If you offer a unique service that other practices don't offer, include that content on your site. 

From acupuncture to arthroscopy to veterinary physical rehabilitation, let your visitors know exactly what you offer and your evetsite will show up in those searches. In the above image eVetsite Abbey Animal Hospital provides visitors a video of a dog on a treadmill, showing as well as telling current and prospective clients about the different veterinary services they offer.

3. Text Content - Community Involvement

If your practice is involved in community activities, include that content to make your site stand apart from the rest. Stock content is included in all evetsites, but we encourage you to view this content as a starting point and not the final step. If your practice sponsors a little league team, offers services to the community.  If staff members participate in local fundraisers or other events, mentioning those activities will give you another opportunity to use geographic content and increase your chance of having your site rank higher.

Media Content - Images

Your eVetsite comes pre-built with images ready for use, but unique content is always best! If you have images of your staff, your practice, or your patients, you will rank higher if they are labelled correctly.

Search engine bots cannot 'see' the images so it's important to include Alternative Text (ALT Tags) to let the search engines and visually impaired persons know information about your images. This is also an opportunity for you to include your practice name, names of nearby towns, etc. to maximize exposure in search engine results.

SEO help from evetsites, a VIN.com company - Alt Text


Media Content - Videos

Whether you use the built in eVetSites video feature OR embed a video from sites like YouTube or Vimeo, video media can help your SEO. To ensure you get the most out of your media, make sure to include "ALT" text with any video content.  Also be certain to include descriptive words if you are using a site like YouTube or Vimeo.

Improving your SEO can be easy and we are here to help if you have questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback. We welcome your input!