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Image Description Text (Alt Text) and SEO

Welcome to part 3 of the eVetSites SEO Series, "Image Descripton Text (Alt Text)" Click here for an SEO overview and click here to learn about and how content can help your SEO.

Besides the text content on your site, search engines catalog all media as well. The bots cannot 'read' the images so it's important to include Alternative Text (aka Alt Text) to give the search engines and visually impaired persons information about images on your website. This is also an opportunity for you to include your name, your practice name, the name of nearby towns, etc. to maximize exposure in search engine results.

 To add alt text to your images follow these steps:

  1.  Log into your site and then click on Edit Content to edit your page.
  2.  Double click on the image you'd like to add alt text to and you will see the following window.
  3. Add your description in the Image Description section, then click on the OK button.
  4. Click Save Content to save your work.

If you are reading this, you're seeing Alt Text in action! SEO help from evetsites, a VIN.com company - Alt Text

Alt text should reinforce unique text and content that is on the same page as the image. People places and things should all have unique alt text and include the name of your practice and location to bolster the overall SEO for your site.

Here are some acceptable alt text examples:

  • For a staff member " Our practice manager Joe - Veterinary Clinic - Anytown, CA".
  • For equipment "We offer laser surgery! - Veterinary Clinic - Anytown, CA"
  • For images on your home page "Veterinary Clinic - Veterinarians serving Town, Village, Neighborhood, and Borough, welcome to our site!".

If you are reaidng this, you are seeing alt text on this image!


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