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Setting Up A Secure Files Page

The new eVetsites III system comes with a variety of useful pages built right into the site. One of these is the secure files page, which allows you and a select group of users access to documents, with protections built right in.

A Secure Files Page gives you the ability to share files of a sensitive nature (internal documents, prices etc) with groups and then restrict this access only to those that have the correct username and password.


To begin, click on Edit Menu and then click on Add Top Level Menu . You can name the page whatever you'd like, keep the page visible and in the page type drop down menu, select Secure Files Pages. When you are a done click on Save Menu Information and then click on Close the Window. 

Click on Edit Special to set up the files and the groups for your page. To add your group click on Add A New Group.

The account # can be a # or a name, the Group Name is just that, a name, the email can be whatever email you'd like to be contacted at, and the username and pin should be something a little more difficult than 1234. Click on SAVE when you are done.


To add a file, click on Add a New File and fill out the fields and then click on SAVE when done.



Your screen should look like this. Again if you want to add another file you can do so at this screen. 


To see the screen as your visitors see it, click on view and then enter in the username and password.

This is how person with authorized access will see the files in the Secure Files Page.
As always, if you have any questions let us know and we'll be glad to help!