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Restoring Lost or Deleted Pages

At one point or another, you might accidentally delete a page from your eVetsite.
To prevent this,  we recommend making regular backups of your site.
If however you haven't done this and need a backup, there is hope!
We at eVetsites do make backups of the sites, but this is for catastrophic recovery reasons.

If you accidentally delete a page and need it back, google offers cached versions of the site that will help you restore the lost content. *NOTE* Google must have cached your site in order for this to work. If you are in trial, it's too soon for Google to crawl your site.

To begin, go to http://google.com and then type in your entire domain name. For example, evetsitehelp.com .

There's a chance that your page might not be cached, if it is though here's how to find it. Click the "show more results from (yourdomainhere)" and you'll then see an image similar to this.


If you see the page, click the 'cached' link and you'll see the version of your page from the last time a Google bot crawled your site. Highlight the text and images on the page and hit CTRL C to copy the content.

Go to your site, open up Edit Content and click CTRL V on the page that's been accidentally deleted.

You might have to do a bit of clean up with the images but in most cases the transfer will be painless.

You are done! As always if you have any questions please let us know and we'll be glad to help!