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Resizing Images

Depending on your cameras size settings, you may be required to resize images so that you will be able to upload them into your image bank.

An online resource that we recommend is

Step 1:



Step 2:

Scroll down to just under the dark grey box

In 1 of the box, click on browse and select your file to be resized.
In 2 of the box, click on 600 Pixels. (This is the largest file size that you will need)
Skip 3
You can select Best if you would like in 4, but Better is just fine.
Click on Resize button in 5


Step 3:

Once you have clicked on Resize, it may take a moment, but the newly sized image will appear on the screen

You will notice that it gives you the originals dimensions and file size and then tells you the new size. 


Step 4:

You can either right click and choose save as, or you can click on Download this picture now just above the image.
(Be sure to save to a NEW folder designated for resized images, this way you will be able to find the images you can upload to your website)


Step 5:

This system does save images for 2 hours in their database, just to give time for you to download the resized image, but as soon as you are done saving it, you can click on the Remove it now button below the image.

You are all done!  Happy uploading of your new images to your website!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at (888)332-5316!