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Resetting Fonts With The "Clear Formatting" Tool

If you have issues trying to clean up mismatched fonts on your eVetsite, you can reset the text using our "Clear Formatting" tool.
This tool, in conjunction with the clean up source code tool, should give you full control over even the most tangled text issues!


To  begin, go to your site and log in. Then click "edit content" and then highlight all of the text on the page.
You can do this by clicking CTRL and A (which selects all of the text) or by right clicking in the box and clicking on "Select All"


Next to the font heading in the top left hand corner, select "Clear Formatting" from the drop down menu.
This will remove all of the formatting from the text on the page.


Click " Save Content" to save your work and you are now free to add font colors, bolding, etc. to the text on your site.


Your work is done! If you have any questions, feel free to write or call and we'll be glad to help.