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Transfer Domain Name to eVetsite Management

If you now have a registered Domain Name and want to transfer it to our management (annual registration and DNS management), we can assist you with this process (ie. let us handle the technical stuff). 

Our fee includes annual registration, DNS management, email  services, domain name privacy and annual auto-renew:  Cost $35.00 per year

In order to transfer a domain name you should first contact your present registrar and make sure you have all 3 items listed below: 

1.  A transfer Authorization Code from your present registrar (you must contact your registrar by phone for this code).  (Domain names registered at Network Solutions can omit this requirement).

2.  A current email address on the Admin Contact address where you can respond to the transfer request.

3. The domain name must be in "unlocked" or in "protection off" mode and available for transfer.

  • Do It For Me:  Send us the Log in access (User ID and Password) to the domain record at your Registrar if you need our assistance (see request form below). 
    To research your domain name and locate your present registrar go to
    www.netsol.com and click on   then enter your domain name into the search field. This will bring up your "Who Is" record. This will also help you check on items #2 and #3 above.  If you have "Domain Name Privacy" (all domain names at eVetsite Systems include this service) you will need to contact the Admin Contact listed on your Who Is record for further information.

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