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Demand Force Scheduler and Review Pop-up Widget - Classic Editor

Once you have completed the first step of placing the head coding you can continue on with placing the pop-up button coding.

1. Look at the email that Demand Force sent you. You will see Pop-Up Button (script).  It is the same for the Reviews section.  You will copy the code in blue for either or each one. (You will do one at a time)

 2. Once you have the code copied, you will go to Admin Home of your website.


3. You will then go to Administration - Site Common Content section

4. Once in your common content area, you will place your cursor where you would like the widget to be placed (Remember this is for the Classic Editor ONLY)


5. Once your cursor is in place, click on Source tab in lower left corner.

6. The cursor will stay put within the source code so that you can paste the pop-up script into the source.


7. Paste the code from email.


 8. Save your work by clicking Update in the lower right corner

9.  Repeat steps 4-8 for the second button so that your cursor places correctly in the code for placement of widget.

10. Once you refresh your website you will see the buttons and if you click on it, you will see the pop-up window.