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Control Page Width

Most all the eVetsite templates will display page content to fill the display screen browser window as viewed by your website visitor.  This allows your web site pages to adjust to any display size.  However, this can sometimes distort your page presentation as it relates to text wrapping around images.  Larger displays (17"-21") may not show any text wrapping at all, while notebook computers and smaller 15" displays may have text overlap from one image to the next as viewed on the page.


The page editor for this page would have a 'free flow' of text as shown below:

To set the page width for a standard 800 pixel page while preserving an even text wrap for any size display, start by using the tool:


Next, select for one row <1> and one column <1>, and set your Width to <600> (this will allow for a 200 pixel Navigation Bar and 600 pixels for the page content).  Click on Options to Set the Border size' to <0> so you don't have a frame around your page content:


Now add your text content and insert your image inside the table.  Your page should now look like this in the mode:

If you need more content on the page, just add another row to your table by right clicking in your current table, then choosing Add Row or Column. After you choose how many rows you would like and the placement, Save it. Then you may add your text and image as before.  Your finished page will now remain within an 800 pixel width and preserve your text wrapping for any size display: