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Add a News Ticker and/or Survey Poll Question to your website

Start off by deciding what page you would like your News Ticker or Survey on.

Click on Edit Menu

Next choose your page and under Page Type, click and select the option you want.  If it is on your Home Page, make sure you choose the Home Page Option.  Below are the definitions for each choice.  Once you have your option chosen, click on Save Menu Information.

Close the window and view your page. You will see your News Ticker and/or Survey.  For this example we have chosen the Multi-Gadget Home Page.

Next you will click on Edit Special.

From this screen you can select which side you would like your new content to show on and in what order.


Next you will click on Add a Survey Question.

The Title can be anything you want to identify it.  It will only be visible by you.
Survey Question is the question you would like to ask.
Then you have your choice for how they select their answer. A radio button (looks just like the choices you are choosing from), a checkbox, or a drop down list.

Do you want everyone to be able to view the results?  If you choose yes, they will be taken to a result screen in the poll box after they vote.  If you choose no, they will be taken to the next poll question.  View the tip for Survey Results to learn how to view your survey results.

Next you will put in your answer choices.  Click on Add An Answer.  You will get a text box.  Put one answer here for them to choose.  Continue to click on Add An Answer and put the answer in for as many as you would like.

Click on Save.

Close the Window and View your results

Feel free to put in more than one survey.  The surveys will rotate through as your clients vote on them.


To view your results, go to admin home, and then click on Components and then View Survey Results


You will then see your survey results!




When in Edit Special, click on Add a News Ticker.

Next you will enter your title, synopsis (optional), Url to link to (optional), and icon (optional).  Next click on Save.

Once you have Saved, Close the Window and check your work!

You can add as many news tickers as you would like.  They will keep scrolling!