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Linking Images and Logos to External Web Sites:

You can link your eVetsite to any external web site to enhance your credibility (VIN, AAHA and AVMA logos, etc.) and add more information linked to your site.

To add the VIN logo (special linked feature) click this link:

HINT: Keep external website links from leading your visitors away before you have introduced them to your practice (or introduced new content for your regular visitors to your site).  You should place linked Logo images and banners low on the page view, or better yet, create a new page for a more detailed description and a linked logo.

To create a link to an external site:
Start by placing the image on your web page (never in your page header) in a convenient location where your clients are likely to "jump off" to the external site. Next, click the image itself to activate what you would like to link. You will see it activated by a thin border and small squares marking the image.


Click on the linking tool in the tool bar.

When you click the linking tool you will bring up the Link Window where you can add the complete the URL Address of the site to be linked to(http://www.samplelink.com).  For an external site you need to click on Web Location on the left.  Then enter the full URL at the bottom.  It is a good idea to put in a title for the link in the ALT text section.

Under the Open in section you will choose New Window option. This will cause the link to open in a new window so visitors can easily return to your site when they are finished visiting the linked site. To finish, click Insert .


Be sure to Save your work and check out your page and see that your link is working properly.