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Linking Pharmacy Web Sites to your eVetsite

You can link your eVetsite to any online Pharmacy including (but not limited to) Vetsource, VetCentric, Capsulenet etc.
To create a link to any pharmacy, start by placing the image on your web page (never in your page header) in a convenient location where your clients are likely to "jump off" to the external site.

To upload the image - click on the Insert Edit Image icon.



Click on Upload.  You will get a pop up window.


Look for the file you want to upload from your computer by clicking on Browse.



A browser window will open up and you will choose your file to upload then click Open.



Click on Upload to put the image in your files.


Find the image you just uploaded and select it.  Then click Insert.


Your image will appear in your layout.  Right Click on the image and choose Insert/Edit Hyperlink.


Click on Web Location on the left. Then enter the Pharmacy web address in the URL section at the bottom and click on Insert.


Click on Save Content and you have linked your image to a Pharmacy!


For more information on linking images in your eVetsite, contact us at support@evetsites.netor call Tech Support at 888-332-5316