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Setting up your eVetSites email on an iPhone is simple.

First step, click the Settings icon on the main screen of your phone:






Now depending on if you already have email addresses set up or if this is the only email on you iPhone, tap Add Account:







Next, tap on Add Mail Account:






Now select a:

Name: Add any name you wish

Email: Your full email address

Password: Your eVetSite email address password

Description: (Use your own domain name for your site for the first part of this description.





Change the IMAP which is default to POP. We only use POP for the account.







Now configure the incoming server:

Host Name: checkmymail.net

User Name: youremailaccount@yourdomain.com  (ie: your actual email)

Password: Your email password






Now configure the outgoing server:

Host Name: smtpout.evetsites.net

User Name: youremailaccount@yourdomain.com  (ie: your actual email)

Password: Your email password



After tapping Save, wait for the verification and you will see the message below. Click Yes because we do not use SSL.





Next find you mail icon     . Click the icon and find your new email account. Click on it.





Now find the icon  for composing email. Tap on it. Now we are going to compose an email to ourselves as a test to make sure everything is working.

To: Put you email address here. (You want to use the same address as the one we just set up for your eVetSites email account so that this test email will filter through both the outgoing and incoming servers we set up.)

Cc/Bcc, From: Make sure this is the same email account that we are using.

Subject: Test

Body: Test








Below is the image for the test you should see come back to you! If you see this image below, CONGRATS!! You set up your email!!






If you run into any issues setting up your eVetSites email with your iPhone (does not matter what version iPhone or OS you have) please feel free to give us a call and we will walk back through the settings with you. The iPhone can be tricky at times, so don?t worry. Call us at 1-888-332-5316.