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Adding Links In Your Web Pages

There are two ways to insert links in your pages.

First Option 

Select your text you would like to be linked.

Next click on the Globe with the chain image.

Select the page you would like to link to, it can be a page on your site, a web location, a document, or several other options.  You can also select Alt text which will display when a person hovers the link.  You can also select if you would like your page to open in a new window or the same window.  Click Insert.

You will see your text appear as a link in your page.


Second Option

You can right click where you would like your link and select Insert/Edit Hyperlink.

 Next you will enter your Link Text, Alt Text, select what you would like linked, and if you want it in a new or the same window.  Click on Insert.

Your text will appear as a link.  Click on Save Content to save your information.

You have successfully placed links in your website!