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Uploading and resizing images to your web pages

Most image files from today's modern digital cameras can range in width from 320 to 5000 pixels. Web pages that contain very wide images (larger than 640) may create an undesirable vertical scroll bar at the bottom of the web page and display with a slow appearance progression for the viewer.

The new eVetsite III Image Gallery has a built in "image resize feature" that will reduce your images size (and file size) to fit within your web site pages as it uploads to your image gallery. The new eVet III image tool also has many new capabilities to manage the image size and appearance for your web pages.

To insert an image, place the blinking cursor on the text line where you want the top of the image to appear.
Click the Image Manager picture icon in your tool bar :


testing this out


Next you will see the Image Properties box. Locate the image you want to use from the Image Manager list.  Click on the image and then click on Options Tab  above your selected image. The image will appear in the top of the window along with the name and description:


Here you will change your image properties.


Explanations of the different properties:

After you have selected and sized your image, simply click on Insert Then click Save Content to save your work!


Changing and image after it is in place

If you already have an image in place and decide to make changes, double click on your image in the editor screen and a new image properties screen will pop up. Here you can change all the same things you could in the above tutorial.  Make changes then click  Apply to save your work.


If you want to make changes to an image presently on your web page, simply right click on the image and select Image Properties which will bring up the new image editor as well:



As always, remember to Save your work.