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Hiding Pages From Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is mostly about getting search engines to find and catalog your site's pages, but there are plenty of times when you should ask the search engines to exclude a page from their index.

Perhaps you have a page that is not quite completed, or perhaps you have a page that has semi-private information, whatever the reason, this feature will hide most search engines from indexing your content.

NOTE: Hidden pages are by default also hidden from search engines.

To hide a page from search engines, first, log into your eVetSites website by clicking on the key in the lower left corner of your website.


Once you are logged into your website, go to Edit Menu.


Inside of Edit Menu, look for the "Hide from Search Engines" option. By default if you use our blog integration page, your page will be hidden from search engines so as to not have your page penalized for duplicating content. To hide a page, simply click yes on the button next to "Hide From Search Engines"


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As always, if you have any questions please let us know and we'll be glad to assist.