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Hidden Pages (pages "under construction")

eVetSites has a feature to allow you to post your pages to the internet, or mark them as "hidden" to prevent public access of the pages.  This feature will allow you to have pages that are "under construction" and therefore not available for general (public) viewing.  Hidden page titles are always listed in parentheses ( ) in the navigation bar.  To access this area, you will need to be logged into your website and click on the "Edit Menu" button.

When you first start up with an eVetSites website, you will notice that many pages are listed in parenthesis ( ) in the navigation bar. We provide you with these pages so you can make use of them in a timely manner as your web site progresses with new feature pages.


eVetsite web pages can be turned on or off (Hidden "Yes" or Hidden "No"), at anytime by going to the Edit Menu function:

Under the Editing (Page) Info section click on the radio button to choose Hidden Page, "Yes" or "No" as needed.