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So what is the magic about Search Engine Page Ranking?

It gets down to Link Popularity!  

Link popularity refers to the number of other SIMILAR websites that have your URL address (www.mypractice.com) linked back to you on their website. The folks at Google and other search engines think this is a good indication that you're somebody important and have a very desirable web site that should be given list priority.

Is this a fair and equitable system for a small business like Veterinary Practices?  Not really.  

If you have the only veterinary practice in your community or city will you always be on top?  Not necessarily.

If your business name is unique won't this help me get listed on top?  No way.

So what do we do?

1. Get your website address listed on as many local business connections as possible; your Chamber of Commerce website, CitySearch, Yellow Pages, etc.

2.  Many State and National Veterinary Organizations have you or your practice listed in their directories. Update them with your web site address so your friends and colleagues can find your web site. Check with your local SPCA and other local Animal Welfare organizations to make sure they have your address as well.


Buyer beware!  NO ONE can guarantee you consistent results for search engine ranking!

We at eVetsite Systems, like Google.com, recommend caution when using the services of an SEO company. Please see the attached link from Google for more information about choosing an SEO wisely.