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Google Local Business Center

Signing up for Google's Local Business Center is a free way to promote your practice through your eVetsite as well as to get statistics on search queries and where driving directions requests originate.

To begin signing up, go here:


If you have a Google Account already, simply login, if not click on


You will then be asked questions about your business.



Your business listing will also show you your current business location on Google Maps, if you need to move the market, click on the red marker and drag it to the correct location on the map.


Once you have the correct location, click


Once you have signed up, and revisit the business center you can then see how many people viewed your business listing.
You can also see how Google visitors click to your site or get directions.


The Google Local Business Center also offers a listing of the top search queries as well as a listing of driving direction requests.
If you have any questions, let us know and we'll be glad to help!