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First step to setting up your eVetSites email address with Gmail is to log into your personal or work email account you already have with Gmail.

After logging in, find the gear    in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click on it and go to "Settings"

 Gmail POP settings for eVetSites

Now find the "Accounts and Imports" tab and Click on it.

Next, click on "Add another email address you own".

Type in the full email address you would like to set up in Gmail.  Click "Next Step".

Incoming Gmail email settings:

  • Enter your full email address as the username and the password for that email box
  • Leave/Update Port setting to 110
  • If you check the "Leave a copy of retrieve message on the server" you will have duplicate copies of your emails in checkmymail.net and in your gmail account. 
  • If you check the "Label Incoming Messages" box, you can easily filter all of the emails from your eVetSites email from your other gmail emails. 





When your mail account has been successfully added, you will be able to retrieve incoming eVetSites emails in your gmail inbox.  The next set of steps will allow you to send eVetSites emails from your gmail inbox:

Outgoing Gmail email settings:

  • Name: This text will be displayed when people receive your eVetSites email from your Gmail account
  • Keep the "Treat as an alias" box checked
  • Click "Next Step"

  • Gmail email SMTP Settings:
    • SMTP Server = mail.<yourdomainname> OR checkmymail.net
    • Port = 25
    • Username = full email address
    • Password for your email
    • Select "Unsecured Connection"

After successfully completed the SMTP settings, you will receive an email from Google to your eVetSites email that contains a verification and code.  Go to your eVetSites email address you just set up and you should receive an email with the confirmation code.  Click on the link in the email your received with the coder or enter the code and click "Verify."

Now the window you've been waiting for -- Success! 


Now compose a test email to your eVetSites email.  You should see that you are now able to choose the "From" address -- either from your gmail or your eVetSites email.  For the text email, sent one to your eVetSites email from your gmail or vice versa.  Put "Test" in the subject and the content fields and send it out.  You will see how it appears in your Gmail inbox.

Now you should get your test back right away in all locations that your eVetSites email address is set up!! Congrats!!


If you have any questions or need more help with setting up your eVetSites with your Gmail account, please call us at 1-888-332-5316 ext 2 or email support@evetsites.com. Our pleasure is helping you make the most of your email and web sites.