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Mail Error with Full Mail Box

If your email system stops receiving mail, or you get a call from a client or friend with a report that the email message they sent you has "bounced" back, you need to check to make sure your mail box is not full.  A normal email box will store thousands of simple text email messages and last for months.  If your received email contains many large attachments then it will fill up quite quickly.

Note in the mail message (bounce) shown below where it ends with:

  Message From:  MAILER-DAEMON - (Mail Delivery System)

    This is a good indication that your mail box is full:



In the eVetsite I System, note the first screen you see when you log into your email at  http://mail.evetsite.com It will tell you the %  of the box in use with New and Stored eMail:



When it gets close to 100% full, you need to enter your email box and delete old email in both the Received (new) and Sent email folders.

For the eVetsite II System: Enter your mail box at
http://checkmymail.net Note the eMail details shown in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

When your mail box gets near 50MB in size, you need to start deleting old mail to make room for new incoming email: 



 If you use MS Outlook or any other email client to send and retrieve your email, your mail boxes could still fill to capacity over time.  Check your Outlook Internet E-Mail Settings under the tab.  Uncheck the box so Outlook will clear out the mail automatically.