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Font Sizes in eVetsites

When working with fonts, it's sometimes important to know what size fonts are equivalent respective to points.
Word, Works, and other word processing applications all use standard point sizes.

In the Edit Menu page you will see the following image and this reference chart should help you reconcile the sizes.

Heading 1 is 18 point bold

Heading 2 is 14 point bold

Heading 3 is 12 point bold

Heading 4 is 11 point bold

Heading 5 is 10 point bold
Heading 6 is 8 point bold

Normal is 11 point

Pre Formatted is Courier 11 point
Address is 11 point italics 


This shows the different fonts available for you to use in your website.



This shows the different Font Sizes available for you to use in your website.