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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a web site?


A. Communication with your clients is an essential part of your practice success.  Every day more and more of your clients are turning to the web for information they can use.  When properly implemented as part of your overall practice management, your website will enhance your relationship with your clients while possibly saving hours of non-billable time for you and your staff in the future by answering questions and providing valuable information direct from your site.



Does your website service collect data and personal information about me and my clients, for your own marketing and sales benefits?


A. No.  Not at all. Collecting, sharing and displaying private medical record information puts you and your practice at risk on the internet.  At eVetSites. our motto is "It's Your Web Site"! We guarantee the complete privacy of you and your clients.  We will not collect or distribute any information from your web site. It will always remain private, and secure.

Will you be advertising and putting unsightly banners on my web site?


A. No. We will never advertise on your web site with banners or other marketing programs. It's your web site!

What is the difference between eVetSites and other web site services I have seen lately?

A. At eVetSites we offer an affordable monthly subscription service for a private web site that you can build yourself with an extensive library of client education articles from the VIN data base. You simply pay a small monthly fee as you go.  You can terminate our service at anytime.  There are no set up fees, and you have your own Domain Name and private  E-Mail service. If you need our help, or a complete custom web site, we can assist you at anytime.



Who is eVetSites, and where are you located?


A. eVetSites is part of the VIN community and is located in Davis, CA



What does it cost?


A. Our business model provides you with a month to month fee based service.  Prices start at $49/month for VIN members, and $71

/month for Non-VIN members. The first month is included with your subscription as a trial period. 


Can I just add the Client Education Library to my web site?


A. Yes, you can sign up for our "Library Only" option so you can add our Client Education Library to your present web site. You will have the same content, complete with full control to select the individual articles you want from our list of over 1000 articles. 

The articles also make great hand outs for your clients needs as well.

Call us for more details about how to add the library to your site.

Can I use the VetCentric Service with an eVetsite?


A. Yes, we can link your web site to your VetCentric account or most any other online service like Care Credit, Pet Portals, etc.

What can I expect in the future for my subscription fee?


A. eVetSites is committed to adding more ease of use features and regular updates and advice on how best to integrate your web site into your overall practice management.  This will help to keep your web site up to date and useful for your clients for years to come.



What if I already have a web site?


A. We can assist you with the transfer the management of your domain name and set up a new account for you so that you can take immediate control of your web site content and appearance.  We may also be able to extract much of your present text and graphic content as well.



What is a domain name, and where do I obtain one?


A. Your domain name is your personal internet address ending in a .com, .net or other top level domain name. Think of it like Real Estate Property as it is yours and should be registered in your name.  We will manage the technical settings for you.  You can select a name that corresponds to your practice name or any other name that reflects your practice image or philosophy.

An eVetSite starts out in our sub domain so your address will look like www.mypractice.evetsite.net.  During the trial period we will assist you with the registration and management of your own top level domain name for use with your web site and E-mail accounts.



I already have domain a name (and /or an email address) that I want to keep. Can I still use your services?


A. Yes, we can assist you with the transfer of your domain name to our management and we can set up a new email account or you can set up E-mail forwarding if you wish as well.  Your must have full access and control of your present domain name in order for us to complete the transfer process.

If you wish to keep your domain name at your present registrar, you will need access to the account to manage the technical settings (set the domain name "A" record) to point to our servers. Email services will come from your present registrar. 



I don't want to have to check an E-mail account at my practice every day. Can I still use your Web Site Service without this feature?


A.Yes.  You may also want to consider using an eFax service to direct communications from your web site to your fax machine.



If we provide you with our photos and written material, can you get our web site started, then we take it over from there?


A. Yes


Can I advertise or promote any products of my choice on my web site?


A. Yes, you can.  



Do I have to have all my pages finished to publish my web site on the Internet?


A. No.  You select the pages that are ready to publish.  You can always come back and finish more pages at a later time.



If we have more than one practice, do we need a separate web site for each location?


A. No, you can have all the information on one site.  However, you might want to consider creating one master site that has single click buttons that link to the other practice sites.
However, having one site won't 



Is there a limit to how many pages I can have on my web site?


A. No, you can have as many as you want.  After all it's your site!

Can I add GIF animations to my eVetsite?

A.  Yes.


Can I add Slide shows and Power Point Presentations or other video files to my eVetsite?

A.  Yes

What about Web Cams?

A. Yes, you can have clients visit your practice or their boarded pets with web cams