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eVetSites Photo Editor

Ever upload an image that needs rotating, cropping, resizing or maybe even a color adjustment? You can do these things easily with our built in photo editor.


Now that you have logged in, navigate to the top left of your browser and click on the Edit Content button.


You are now in the eVetSite editor window. Click on the image insert tool button from the toolbars at the top.


Click on the folder button to the right of source text box.


You should now see the File Manager window.


If you previously uploaded your photo you should see it now.  If you have not, you can upload the image you want to use.  See Uploading and Resizing Images.

Next you will want to right click using your mouse on the image and go to Edit.


The Edit Image window will open and you have numerous options for editing the image.  You can select various Alter and Filter options for your image.


Alter options change the size and orientation of the image.

Filters will change the overall look for the image.

NOTE: You must click on APPLY after each Alter/Filter change to save your work.  Then you can continue on to the next edit you would like to perform.


After you click Apply, you will have options to Save, Revert, and Undo the changes.


When you are ready to save the final image, click on Save.


To keep an original file in case anything unexpected happens that you don't like, be sure to change the name of the file so that you do not override the original file.  (Example: add a letter or a number to the end of the name)


Click on Save.


You can now select your edited image from the image bank and click on insert to place your new image.


As always, if you need any assistance, please call us at 1-888-332-5316.  We are happy to help!