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Welcome to TinyMCE, the newest editor for editing your eVetSite!

From here you can: Update content, add links/images/tables/headers/footers, and more!

To Start:

*Log into your eVetSite (bring up the login screen by clicking the key logo at the very bottom left of your website).

*Select which editor you want to use:


  • Go to ADMIN HOME
  • Open the ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE dropdown menu

  • Click WPro Editor or new TinyMCE Editor
  • Be sure to click update!

*Navigate to the page you wish to edit

*Click the EDIT CONTENT button on the top tool bar. This will open a window with the content area and tool bars, the TinyMCE editor.

TinyMCE Features

Icons on the toolbar correspond to features listed under menu items. Hover over each icon for a quick description.

TinyMCE toolbar

File Menu:

File menu

  • Print: Allows you to print the current document.

Edit Menu:

Edit Menu

  • Undo/Redo: Allows you to go back and forth between changes. You can undo/redo all changes by repeatedly clicking the icon.
    • To undo a change you can also hit Ctrl+Z on your keyboard.
    • To redo a change you can also hit Ctrl+Y on your keyboard.
  • Cut: Remove images/text from the document.
    • Using your mouse, highlight the area you wish to remove
    • Select EDIT and choose CUT or hit Ctrl+X on your keyboard. The cut item can then be pasted to another place in the document or to another document.
  • Paste: Paste copied/cut content. 
       You can also paste by clicking Ctrl+V.

  • Paste as text: All pasted content will be pasted as plain text until you toggle the option off. 
       A check mark near the option shows this feature is on.
  • Select All: Selects all of the content. Content will appear highlighted. 
       You can also do so by clicking Ctrl+A.

  • Find and Replace: Search for specific text and replace with new text.

Insert Menu:

Insert menu

  • Insert video or audio:
    •  From the GENERAL tab:
      • Select source for the video
      • Adjust dimensions  
    • From the EMBED tab you can insert the source code
  • Insert image:

    • From the GENERAL tab
      • Select your image by clicking the icon for the source and searching through the images
      • Give the image a description, this is recommended as it helps with your search engine results
      • Adjust dimensions (if CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS is checked then the image will change proportionately as you change either width or height)
    • From the ADVANCED tab
      • Adjust margins
      • Adjust borders
  • Insert link:

    •  Select the text or image for which you wish to add the link to.
      •  You will see an image activated by a thin border and small squares marking the image, text will be highlighted.  
    • Right-click the image and select “Insert Link”.
    • You can then add the url (or anchor) you wish to link to.

       ** Whatever you have entered in the TEXT TO DISPLAY field will appear as your link. For example, if you have the VIN logo as an image but have VIN in the text to display field then the image will be replaced by the text: VIN.
  • You can also insert:
    • Special characters (select from about 100 characters)
    • Horizontal line
    • Anchor (bookmark)
    • Page break
    • Time/Date
    • Nonbreaking space
    • Tempalte or Snippet
      •  title, heading, sub-heading, topic, and sub-topic

View Menu:

View menu

  • Show invisible characters: Shows invisible markings. For example, extra spaces.
  • Show blocks: Breaks the document up in blocks, blocks are outlined in dashes when this feature is on.
  • Preview: View your document as it will appear to others.
  • Fullscreen: (Ctrl+Alt+F) opens up the screen while in the editor.

Format Menu:

Format menu

  • The format menu allows you to adjust alignment, font, and headers.

    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Superscript (x2)
    • Subscript (x2)
  • Clear Formatting: Highlight the area for which you wish to clear the formatting, then select this feature. This will revert the selected text back to plain text.

Table Menu

Table menu


  • Insert table: Select the number of rows and columns for the table. 
    *Make sure you have your cursor in the desired location for your table.
  • Table properties: This option becomes available once the table has been placed. 
    • Adjust the width/height
    • Adjust cell spacing/padding
    • Alignment: chose placement for the text within the cell
    • Add caption
    • Add border: Numbers entered in the "Border" field will be displayed as a percentage, 10 and 10% are equal to each other.
    • Delete table: Deletes the selected table.
    • Cell:
      • Merge cells
      • Split cells
      • Edit cell properties
        • Edit cell properties by righ-clicking in the cell or selecting "Cell properties" from the "Table" drop-down menu.
          • Adjust height/width
          • Adjust alignment
          • Set cell as Header Cell
    • Row:
      • Insert rows before/after
      • Cut/copy/paste rows before/after
      • Delete rows
      • View row properties
    • Column:
      • Insert column before/after
      • Delete columns



  • Source code: Allows you to view and edit the source code.

Thank you for using eVetSites! Good luck with your editing and be sure to let us know if we can be of any assistance!

More information and help for using the new eVetSite Editor