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Page Layout Design for eVet III:

The eVet III system has 4 distinct areas for you to Edit (add content) in order to give your pages a more modern two or three column look so visitors can immediately find the subject matter they need from your Home "landing" page. Each content area has its own separate Editor.

Headers : Footers : Common Content and Standard Page Content.

The Standard Page Content Editor is within each page. The Header, Footer and Common Content areas each have their own editor in the "Admin Home" section as the content of these areas will remain the same on each page.




Headers and footers pretty much stay in the same position, but the Common Content area will change with the template you select, and whether the template has 'Top' or 'Side' Navigation layout.


 Side Bar Navigation

Top Bar Navigation


Page Layout with the new eVet III Gadgets:  News Ticker and Surveys

Your page layout can be further modified by the addition of one or more eVet III "gadgets".  While the Gadgets can be added to either the right or the left side, your decision will likely depend on the template you select and where the Common Content will display.

Side Bar Navigation
    with Right Side Gadgets

Top Bar Navigation
    with Left Side Gadgets