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Embedding PDF Documents

Using the files page type and html code you can embed PDF documents so they display directly in your visitor's browser.
Instead of seeing just a link to PDF document, visitors to your PDF display page will enjoy a preview of the document.
(Provided that they have a PDF plug in installed)
Here is an example of an embedded PDF Document.


If you do not have a pdf plug in, you can download the document here
If you do not have a pdf plug in, you can download the document here

In order to do this, you must first upload your PDF File to your site.

Type in some text, right click on the text and then click "insert edit hyperlink" and upload your PDF file.

Once you have uploaded the document to your site,copy the URL from the URL field
It should look something like this :
/sites/site-3684/documents/evetsites brochure_2_11_lo.pdf
Save it to a text file using notepad or word.

Click here to get the embed code.

When the window pops open, do a ctrl A to select all and then a Ctrl V to copy the text.
Paste the text into notepad and replace
/sites/site-3684/documents/evetsites brochure_2_11_lo.pdf with your PDF URL.


Now, copy this updated code and go to the page on your site where you would like to insert the embedded PDF content.
Click on Edit Content, then click on Source - paste the code into the field.
Click on Save Content and Close the Window to view your embedded PDF file.

You are done!
We offer no support for third party applications, but can let you know that there are plug ins available free from Adobe and Foxit.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!