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eVetSites Email Setup and Administration

Each eVetSites website can include up to 20 email boxes with each account if we manage your domain name at Network Solutions (or if you have your domain name DNS servers pointing to our servers at ns1.evetsites.net ) for $35 a year.  Additional email boxes are available if needed.

E-mail setup and administration is located in the administration section of the website and is only available to the Administrator user.   

To access the webmail setup screens login to your eVetSites website.

Click on the Admin Home Icon to get to the Administration Home Page.  

Now click on the eMail Envelope Icon located in the Administration Tasks area:

eVetSites email administration

The Webmail administration screen appears which displays a list of Email Accounts that currently exist.

The basic system allows for up to 20 email accounts per website and an unlimited number or email name aliases. 

To create a new account, click the Create Account button.

The Create an Account window opens.  

Enter the individual's name in the Account Name field.  This is for the Administrators reference only and may be typed in standard case (ex Jane Smith). This will be the name that people see when you send emails.

Enter the User Name.  This will establish the information preceding the @ sign, such as info@evetsa.com as shown in the illustration above where the user name is "info."  The user name should be all lowercase letters or numbers and may not contain spaces, special characters or punctuation.   This field cannot be edited as it will be used to establish the users Login ID into the webmail system and will also become the email address for the user.

Enter the Password.  Your password should be at least six characters long, include numerals, upper and lower case letters and special characters.  Learn more about email security here!

When all fields are completed, please review carefully then press the Save Button.  As long as the User Name is unique in the email system, the newly created account will be saved and will now display in Your Email Accounts listing.

To ensure that your email goes live, makes sure to log into your account! Click Login to Webmail and after that, your email will be ready to use in about half an hour.


Now consider adding an "Auto responder".  This is a message that will be returned or sent back to the sender immediately after they click on the send button.  Auto responders are to instruct clients on what to expect in the way of a response, and when.


Clicking the Name will open the Account Details screen where you may make changes to the Account User, Password, Aliases, Features, and Account Settings.  Remember, the Account Name cannot be edited.   Note if Aliases are changed or removed, then senders of mail to these aliases will get their mail returned.  Modify and delete aliases with care.

Email address Forwarding:

PLEASE NOTE -- eVetSites is in the process of discontinuing email forwarding.  We recommend deleting your forward if you have one and setting up POP for your eVetSites email if you want to view that email in another account like Gmail or Outlook.

Once changes are made click the back to list link to return to the main list of email accounts.

To Delete an email account, Click the Delete Button.  This will bring up the Delete Account screen.  If the Delete Button on this screen is clicked, the email account will be deleted.  This will permanently remove all email from the webmail system for the user.  Use extreme caution when deleting an email account.

To check your email, go to the internet address  http://checkmymail.net and enter your email address and password.  This will bring up your individual mail box where you can read your email, create email, etc. and  set up other preferences including spam filters.

For full details on the use of the eMail system, click on the help? button you see above when you log in to your mail box at http://checkmymail.net