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Bulk eMail SMTP Settings for Vaccine Reminders

Many practice management software systems have incorporated the ability to send out bulk email for vaccine reminders.  Each system requires that you enter an "Outgoing SMTP mail server setting" to direct this bulk mail from your practice through your internet connection.  The SMTP mail setting must be obtained from your Local ISP (the Internet Service Provider that connects your practice computers to the Internet).  This type of bulk email does not involve your eVetsite website service.

Many ISP's are getting more and more restrictive with bulk emailers as we all know there is too much Spam getting into everyone's email from automated mail systems. Be sure you check with your local ISP about their requirements so you don't get labeled  a "spammer" and have your service suspended.

We have been hard at work developing a "legal" non-spammer" email solution for vaccine reminders, newsletters, and much more. While we are working on compatibility with all veterinary management database systems, we have it ready now (Summer 2012) for the AVImark, Introvet, Cornerstone, VetTech and RX Works practice management systems. 

If you use any other software please call your software provider and ask them to contact us;  just tell them you want your practice to be compatible with Client Gateways ASAP!   Their assistance may help expedite our ability to read your data files (we do not interact with the practice management software, just your data files).

Check back with us, or visit the
Petsites website for updates on future database compatibilities.