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eMail Marketing Campaigns

eMail Newsletters are a cost effective method to enhance communications with your clients if you have a current email address list that was collected on a "voluntary" basis. This is important because no one likes unsolicited email and you don't want to be labeled a "Spammer" by your Internet Service Provider (local ISP) which could lead to termination of your internet service.


Any mass email campaign (Newsletters, Vaccine Reminders, etc) that uses a bulk email method to send out direct emails to clients must meet the following requirements to be a "legal" (no spam) internet activity:

  1. Your eMail list must be collected from your clients on a voluntary basis.
  2. A Safe Unsubscribe (opt out) link must be included in every email you send, assuring your subscribers that they can remove themselves from your list with just one click.
  3. Built in email bounce management system that receives the rejected email so you can view all bounced email addresses and learn why they bounced in order to quickly and easily remove bounced email addresses from your list.


If your email system does not meet all three of these requirements, your internet service provider may view your activity as an illegal spamming marketing campaign.  Sending out bulk email with a simple open source public (pop3) email system does not meet these requirements. 


One popular service that is inexpensive and easy to use is from Constant Contact.

This service has easy to use newsletter templates and a quick email import management tool to upload your email list to their service.  The email list management tool allows you to manage your bounced email and "opt out" email requests from your clients.  For more information visit their website at http://www.constantcontact.com.