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Transferring Your Domain

Changing Domain Management AWAY From eVetSites®

Transferring your domain is a process that must follow specific rules set up by ICANN. This document will guide you through the transfer process and if all goes as planned, you will have control of your domain in 1-3 business days.
eVetSites® manages domains for a few important reasons: 1) to ensure continuity of website service by renewing your domain on an annual basis, 2) to protect your privacy on the account, and 3) to offer personalized domain-specific email ie: frontdesk@mypracticename.com.

Steps to transferring your domain name:

1. Fill out the ‘Domain Name Management Transfer - Away from eVetSites®' form

2. Once we receive your domain transfer form, eVetSites® will create a personal domain registration account for you with Network Solutions using the information you provided on the form.*

* If you have an account with Network Solutions already, you'll need to initiate the transfer. Please fill out this form and we'll contact you with more information.

3. After your personal Network Solutions account is created, eVetSites® will email you login information to manage your domain within 1-5 business days. Login details will include a link to access your account and a personal account ID and password. You can use this information to manage your domain settings.

Please read these important notes about transferring a domain:

  • Your website (and email, if applicable) will remain live with eVetSites® unless you make changes to the domain settings after the transfer has occurred. Once settings are changed, your eVetSites® email accounts will also be deactivated. Please make sure you’ve backed up your email and/or transferred the accounts to your new website provider.
  • Once transferred, you will be responsible for the timely renewal of your domain name(s). Make sure to set reminders for your domain renewal to prevent the expiration and loss of your domain name(s).
  • Completing a domain transfer WILL NOT cancel your eVetSites®account or stop billing for services. To cancel, you must contact us or submit the cancellation form when you are ready to cancel your eVetSites® service.
  • Transferring a domain creates a 60-day lock on your domain name(s). This will not prevent you from taking your website live with a new provider.

Thank you for using eVetSites®, brought to you by VIN. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything during the transfer or cancellation process! Call 888.332.5316 or email us at support@evetsites.com for any questions or concerns.

Domain Name Transfer - Away Form

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PLEASE NOTE: Copyright Protected Content:
Please do not transfer or use any Copyright material, stock images from our image libraries, or any other website content you received from eVetsites at sign up, to a non-eVetsites web site. This is not on common website courtesy, it's the Law! This includes any and all access to and/or written content copy of the Client Education Veterinary Medical Library from the VIN.
I understand that I may not transfer or include any copyright material to a new web site
Contact me to explain

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