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This Tutorial will help you to install Demand Force Widgets within your eVetSites Website.

You will receive an email from Demand Force with all the code needed and we will show you where to place each code.

1. Log into your website

2. The first step is to go to your admin home area

3. Next you will see Account Maintenance. Hover and go down to Advanced Site Information and click on it. 

4. You will see an HTML Head section and a Page Footer section. You will be working in the HTML Head Section.

5.  You will now look at the email Demand Force sent you.

You will see Embed in Head and also see another script that says Embed in Body, You do not need last line of code in green yet.

Once inserted into your advanced header section it will look like this.  (warning: There may be other coding in your advanced header as seen below)


This is the completion of the First step to Demand Force Widgets.

Depending on which options you would like for your website, please follow the additional instructions for each section below.

Common Content Request Appointment or Reviews Pop-up Widget - Classic Editor

Full Page Embedded Request Appointment or Reviews Widget - Classic Editor