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Dealing With Negative Online Feedback

Negative online reviews are a serious concern to both consumers and business owners alike, but you are not at their mercy if you take action to defend your business online. This tip will outline steps you can take to improve your online presence.

  1. The first thing to do is simple, do not panic! Fight the urge to remove the Google Map listing from your eVetsite "Contact Us" page. This only stops people going to your site from getting to the Google Maps page but it does nothing to stop anyone else from getting to the Google Maps site via their phone, computer browser, etc. You want to address the issue, not gloss over it.
  2. If the negative review comes from a 3rd party site like Yelp.com, CitySearch.com, InsiderPages.com, etc. you can contest the review directly at the source. Google Maps aggregate content from other sites so contacting Google will be ineffective.
  3. If the review comes from a Google user, their name will appear in the review. It's a long shot but you can attempt to sway them with a discount or some sort of incentive. These clients might change their mind if presented with honest outreach from your practice.
  4. Looking forward, you want to get good reviews posted from your clients to offset possible negative reviews in the future.  You should encourage current clients to post positive reviews and select "no" next to the question "Was this review helpful?" if they believe that the review isn't accurate. Link them directly to Yelp, maps.google.com, etc  via your newsletters  or coupons. Google displays about a half dozen reviews on the first page of your Local Business Listing. If you generate positive reviews, it can move the bad review to another page.

Remember to not panic, do your best to counter the negative reviews or placate the reviewer, and focus as much as you can on getting every satisfied client to post positive reviews.  As always if you have any questions we are here to help!