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Add Custom Effects for your eVetsite

The new eVet III allows us to offer you many customized effects for your eVetsite including Image banners, background color options and watermarks are now fully adjustable.  Navigation bars (Page titles buttons) can be customized to match your unique practice branding plan  (visit our eVetsite Demo Site  to see a few options available).


Custom color and image effects are availble for:  

  • Page Headers
  • The Common Content Area
  • Gadget Background Colors
  • Navigation Bar
  • Page Navigation Buttons
  • Page Footers 



Custom Navigation Buttons
(for page titles) 

Select any Page Title Accent Image for your eVetsite

Add Custom Page Navigation Buttons to your Common Content Margin in 3D



Please keep in mind the difference between "Custom Effects" and Do-it-for-me (DIFME) custom services.

Custom effects are simple "enhancement effects" we add on to your site from our Gallery of options shown above.

Custom effects are relatively fast and easy for us to do and are intended for new start up websites to make them more unique to your practice.


Addition enhancements to your website structure and or contents are considered "DIFME" services and may involve billable tech time at our low rate of $25 per hour:



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